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Since 1988, we’ve been your trusted professionals for expert rug cleaning services. Our full range of services includes cleaning and repairing braided rugs, wall-to-wall carpets, upholstery, tile & grout, rug restoration, and rug padding for residential and commercial customers.

Rug Cleaning

At Caravan Rugs, we specialize in cleaning all types of rugs, including area rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and more.This includes all carpet fabrics, such as wool, silk, nylon, polyester, blends, and more. We wash all rugs at our facility, using top-of-the-line cleaning machines for optimal results. Our team will clean the toughest stains and restore your rug to its original beauty.

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Step 1: Pre-Inspection

During the pre-inspection phase, our experts examine your rug for various factors such as fading, discoloration, stains, wear and tear, pre-existing damage, color instability, and odors. This comprehensive assessment allows us to determine the optimal cleaning approach for your rug, including the potential need for specialized treatments like pet urine removal. Additionally, we identify any necessary repairs to ensure the best possible outcome for your rug.

Step 2: Dusting

We remove dust and particulate matter deeply embedded within your rug. Our specialized equipment, which includes compressed air and tailored tools, effectively eliminates debris that accumulates from foot traffic and dry soil. This process, often referred to as "air washing" revitalizes your rug's fibers, restoring their natural beauty and prolonging their lifespan.

Step 3: Pre-Cleaning

In this phase, we target high-traffic and heavily soiled areas with pre-treatments to effectively loosen dirt and grime. While some discolorations resulting from wear, fading, or chemical reactions may not be reversible, our pre-cleaning process ensures thorough soil removal, preparing your rug for the subsequent cleaning stages.

Step 4: Agitate Fibers

Utilizing a gentle and thorough approach, we massage a mild, 7.5 pH-neutral shampoo deep into the pile of your rug's fibers. This process, combined with a continuous flow of cold water, effectively dislodges and flushes out all foreign matter trapped within the rug. By preventing particles from resettling, we ensure a comprehensive cleaning that revitalizes your rug's appearance and texture.

Step 5: Rinse

To further enhance soil and residue removal, we conduct multiple rinses using cold water. The initial rinses eliminate any residual cleaning shampoo, ensuring a thorough cleanse. For wool rugs, we incorporate lanolin into the final rinse to replenish the natural oils, promoting softness and luster.

Step 6: Excess Water Removal

Following the cleaning process, we utilize a state-of-the-art centrifuge machine to extract excess water from your rug. This extraction process ensures rapid moisture removal, expediting the drying process and minimizing the risk of mold and mildew formation.

Step 7: Climate-Controlled Drying

To expedite drying and preserve the integrity of your rug, we transfer it to our specialized drying room. Equipped with gas heating, forced air circulation, and dehumidifying technology, this climate-controlled environment facilitates thorough drying. Most rugs dry within 12 to 24 hours, which ensures a swift turnaround without compromising quality.

Bonus: Final Inspection

Before returning your rug, our experts conduct a meticulous final inspection to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards. If necessary, we repeat any steps to address the remaining concerns and guarantee the utmost cleanliness and freshness of your rug.

Carpet Cleaning and More

Caravan Rugs understands the importance of maintaining clean carpets, as they accumulate unwanted dirt and grime over time. Regular carpet cleaning services not only extend the lifespan of your carpets but also removes stains and prevents noticeable wear and tear, contributing to a healthier home environment. Our professional carpet cleaning services are designed to improve the appearance and condition of your carpets, leaving them fresh and revitalized.


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They completed the cleaning in the time span promised. The rugs look great and were placed where requested. Jason and Jeremy were professional, knowledgeable and provided care and cleaning tips. We’ll definitely use them again. Thank you Caravan Rugs!

– Bill Vaugn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a rug cleaned?

Rug cleaning is customized for each rug, so we do not have a set price for all rugs. We determine the price based on the size of your rug. Feel free to give us a call and we can chat more about what a rug cleaning will cost for your rug.

How long does it take to get my rugs cleaned?

It depends on the time of year and the size of the rugs. For smaller rugs, it can be 1-2 weeks and for larger it can be 3-4 weeks. This can also vary around busy season times and holiday times.

Do you pick up and deliver rugs?

Yes! We do offer rug pick-up and drop-off, but it all depends on the size of the rugs and your location. Give us a call at (919) 782-2673 to check eligibility for rug pick-up and drop-offs.

Can you get urine and urine stains out of rugs?

We do our best to get all stains out of rugs, including urine and urine stains. We also offer premium rug pads to help protect flooring.

Do you clean Oriental rugs or just area rugs?

We clean hand-knotted, handmade, Oriental, and just about any other type of run out there. All rugs (including delicate, fine rugs) receive individual attention from our experts throughout our specialized cleaning and repair processes.

Will you move my furniture upon pick up and delivery of my rugs?

Yes, we will move furniture to pick up and drop off. We will lay your rugs down for you when we deliver them back to you.

Is it worth cleaning an old rug?

Yes! We recommend cleaning rugs annually to restore (and keep!) rugs back to their old glory.

How often should you clean your carpet?

We recommend cleaning your carpets once a year—but more if you have pets or small children.